Saturday, July 19, 2008

Waiting only makes you ollie that much lower.

Theres been alot happening around here lately... stabbings, car crashes, hooker sightings, Hogan flexing and Vampire taking over the skate biz. So heres some of what we got in and out, and going on. Go return some bottles, rob a lemonade stand, adn steal a bike (save on gas) and come get the goods you've always wanted to brag about.

LAKAI Beibel Limited Racecar Serie

LAKAI Limited Edition "Where The Wild Things Are" series

NIKE SB July Drop

Vans Neckface Series.... (these are already going fast, so get on them. the hoodies are amazing... a must see)

What do we do..... WE SKATE!!! unlike alot others who claim to be SKATEBOARDshops.